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If you are you a business owner, who are looking for a mobile solution, you might be interested in our recent development cases. Take a look at our projects that we have successfully delivered to our customers. Our team will be happy to collaborate with you, too.


A streaming platform of spoken news to keep users informed about world’s news.

Our clients approached us to help the users to be always aware of the world’s news even if they are driving a car and can not read. The registered users set up their lists of topics of interests and new stations and when they want to listen to the news updates they can launch the app in the background mode and keep doing their primary activities listening to the podcasts on the topics they are interested in. News editors provide updates via the integrated admin panel. The initial version was built for Android mobile platform, but in the nearest future, we are planning to continue the project and make an app for iOS as well.


A mobile solution for an eCommerce business that allows making purchases from the advertisements on any website.

In collaboration with our client, we have built an impressive mobile tool that is aimed at increase of brand engagement and conversion for online marketplaces. The platform was developed to connect advertisers and customers, letting the second ones to disrupt their online journey on a publisher’s site. The project implied writing a solid backend and architecture that included admin panel interface. The challenge was to make the system flexible enough to match with any shopping platform. The app we developed not only makes ads shoppable but also let online businesspeople to improving their commercial metrics attracting more customers and increasing engagement rate.

Insurance Agent

A mobile application for sales agent in the field.

A global annuities, insurance, and employee benefits provider with over 50 million customers all over the world wanted to design and develop an efficient web-based mobile application that could calculate service cost according to the client’s requirements and situation. The app task was to determine the end customer’s insurable premium level based on sales agent questionnaire and backend logic. The app can be equally used on tablet and smartphones providing a highly responsive design.


A courier mobile application for monitoring delivery activity.

Our UK customer was looking for a development company that could help him to facilitate couriers’ work with a smart mobile application. To ensure smooth performance and realise the functionality our customer required we developed a web portal where courier company could post new tasks and track their progress status and a mobile app for couriers in the field enabling them to respond in a prompt manner and select them according to their location. We utilised PhoneGap technologies to build a native cross-platform application for couriers and .NET framework to create a web app.


An educational application for golf amateurs.

Once we cooperated with a professional golf player, who wanted to start up a new business helping golf lover to learn more about this sport. The app idea was to enable mobile coaching with a sleek and educational application. The app contains video tutorials on swinging techniques, multiple workout exercises, and other useful materials and creates personalised training programs. Video files are divided into Free and Premium content for the monetization purposes so that users who paid for premium profile have access to all the educational content.
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