History App Lincoln

History App Lincoln-The Smart Way to Learn About the Great President

  1. Treasure Mania X
    1. Android Smartphone or tablet
    2. More than 10 MB memory size
    3. Single core processor enough
  2. Software requirement
    1. Android
    2. and above for History App Lincoln
  3. App description
    This app is going to make your child smile. None of the American can forget Abraham Lincoln but many of us do not know much more about him and this is a sad aspect. You need to know that he has been the most successful president of United States who did many great jobs that we just cannot forget. He was responsible for removal of slavery and he fought quite hard during his childhood. You are going to get all this information through this app that is just an amazing way to deliver the news in best possible way. You get the complete details of the Abrham Lincoln and his journey to remove slavery. However, we have selected some of the very tough questions about which you might never have heard. This is going to improve your vocabulary and you are certainly going to be benefitted as you will know some of the fundamentals about Abrham Lincon.
    You should know that Lincoln grew up in western region and spent all his childhood there. During the elections, he never got any support from the southern part of United States. There was a reason behind this as he was against the slavery and some people were certainly against it. You will come to know some of the most unknown politics secrets from Lincoln Biography and that is going to rock you.
    You will get all significant questions about abe lincoln biography and this happens to be one of the best history applications on Abraham Lincoln, with lots of news. Some more facts:

    1. All the questions are multiple choice and you need to answer each question to win the quiz.
    2. You can play this game as a quiz and two or three person can play on different Smartphone and test their skills. The person with highest number of correct answers is going to win finally.
    3. You can also share the results on the social media including the FaceBook and twitter and prove that you are a genius.
    4. You are not going to get any kind of help from the app while answering the questions and this is because, then, you will do some exercise. Once, you will answer correctly, you will never forget that answer in your life. All these answers are in correct order and hence you are going to form a systematic learning curve. That is why you are never going to forget these questions and answers.
  4. Maintenance
    It does not really look like that you need any maintenance for this. However, you need to know that maintenance can be provided by us if required and you need not worry about that.
  5. Cost
    The cost is nominal as well and you just need to make sure that you have the license soon as it might increase soon. Thus, soon you are going to be acquainted with the loads of knowledge about Abrham Lincoln.