Liverpool App Design Company

Our History

Back in 2008, two enthusiastic freelancers Harry and Jacob united their knowledge and efforts to conquer mobile app development sector of IT industry, as they were huge mobile geeks and knew that this trend was going to become the future. With the initial SDK, they have been exploring the world of IT and building their first cooperative mobile products for startup companies and helping others bring their innovative ideas to life. In 2010 Harry&Jacob company was founded officially, and its founders became more than just passionate developers but experienced mentors for thirteen talented developers. Today, we have over 60 skilled programmers, designers, QA experts and other IT professionals who obtain the integrity, passion and desire which enable our company to bring to life the most challenging ideas. Choosing to work with us, you can be assured that your mobile project is taken seriously and we do our best to make your ideas real.We don’t take for granted your trust and always strive to approve it with the results we bring to the table.

Our Principles

Since the foundation we have set the values we adhere to every day. We documented them in 2010 and they continue to evolve together with our company.
  1. Make meaningful things.

    Our mobile applications become the one which are added to the main home screen of users devices. We inspire emotions making people smile to our products without noticing it. And chasing our vision we do the work that widen the borders empowering people.

  2. Be Professionals.

    We are a B2B company and know how to build business relationships based on high level of credibility and responsibility. Our team develops mobile apps on time and within the budget approving our stellar reputation with every new development case.

  3. Think of users.

    Whether you want to develop a mobile application for your staff or want to engage your customers, it is an essential to consider your users’ needs and expectations to build a successful and popular program that meets your business goals. We keep to a user-centred approach making sure that your mobile app will always find its users.