5 Great Mobile App Development Tips for Students

Mobile apps are widely used in today’s world by old and young alike. With over thousands and thousands of apps to choose from, there is a no lack of diversity. You sign into your app store and you are greeted with a display of the most trending apps. Students out there have a specific set of needs. They have a certain lifestyle which is quite different from a corporate firm or an industry. Here are some tips towards developing a student friendly mobile app.


Students comprise of the younger generation and are by default attracted by catchy and charismatic. So the first step is design a UI that is user friendly, with simple steps and explanations for navigating inside the app. The designer should understand the target platform and involve more real time effects inside the app.

Understanding Target Platform

If you’re an expert in the field of IOS app development, don’t immerse yourself into it. Considering the high cost of iPhones and iPads, a large proportion of students use an android operating system. So as a designer you have to love all target platforms to satisfy the multitude. Compare your platforms, but don’t criticize them.

Go Deep

Your clients are an educated lot and they think differently. Understand their motivations, their passions and their reason for undertaking a certain action and design your app accordingly. Provide space in your app for application of the student’s intellect instead of dry steps. Make the UI algorithm simple yet captivating.

Offline Experience

Some of the best apps out there have gained laurels because of their ability to function without the internet. Before you start developing your app, you have to consider the fact that a student may not always have an internet connection or be in the proximity of a Wi-Fi service.
Your app should be able to run smoothly without internet connection, excluding certain features which would only function with internet.

Social Connection

With the advent of apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, people today have an unconscious desire to share everything they experience on these social networking sites. Students cover a major part of this percentage. So it is essential for your app to have an option for sharing your experience on the aforementioned social networking sites.
These are some of the key indicators if you’re looking to develop an app exclusively for students.